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FMC: new airspace over Italian territory

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Mit AIRAC 2018 05, gültig ab 21. JUN 2018, wird der FMC Luftraum über Italien angekündigt. Weitere Info und Detail wie folgt:


Frequency Monitoring Codes (FMC) FMC sectors, each one with their own SSR code and monitoring frequency associated, have been identified in Italian air space, classified as G. All aeroplanes, helicopters and advanced ultralight machines operating within FMC sectors have to select on the transponder A-Mode the published SSR code, assigned to that specific sector, and have:
- to establish two way communication with the FIC sector if pilot requests ATS; or
- to monitor the ATC frequency of the relevant ATC sector if no ATS is requested.


Non-advanced ultralight machines flights will continue selecting on the transponder A7000 in the FMC areas.

Selection of Frequency Monitoring Codes does not imply the provision of any form of Air Traffic Service; pilots remain responsible for their own navigation and have to obtain ATC permission to enter controlled airspace.


To quickly and efficiently solve the effects of potential airspace infringements, the Air Traffic Control Unit in charge will attempt to establish, directly or via FIC sector,  contact with an aircraft which is displaying such a code and which is considered to be infringing, or is likely to infringe, controlled airspace.


Transmissions will contain:
1) SSR code;
2) position of the unknown traffic, referred to a familiar way point for the pilot;
3) level/altitude observed on C-Mode, if available;
4) direction of the observed flight;
5) S-Mode derived callsign, if available.


A pilot monitoring the frequency who suspects, on the basis of the information provided, that theirs is the aircraft being referred to, should promptly answer accordingly.

Once a bidirectional communication has been established, to confirm flight's identity:
- if the aircraft concerned is on ATC frequency, the controller will provide his radar identification and issue the suitable instructions or advice;  
- if the aircraft concerned is on FIC frequency, it will be instructed to contact the adequate ATC Unit.  

The code and any associated C-Mode pressure-altitude reporting data are considered to be unverified, until an appropriate identification procedure between ATC Unit and aircraft has occurred.


(An dieser Stelle wollte ich noch die Karten einfügen, klapt aber nicht. Siehe hier und hier )


Wenn ich alles richtig verstanden habe, wurden neue Lufträume erstellt, in denen man eine bestimmte Frequenz rasten bzw. abhören muss und einen bestimmten Transpondercode rasten muss. Ziel der Sache: fals man eine Luftraumverletzung begeht oder begehen könnte, und / oder eine mögliche Kollision zu erwarten ist, wird man von FIC (für IFR Flüge ist es Radar) darauf hingwiesen bzw. muss man von sich aus selbst melden fals man der Verursacher sein sollte (daher Frequenz monitoren).


Meine persönliche und subjektive Meinung zu dieser Neuerung verkneife ich mir.


Der besseren Uebersicht halber, eine Auflistung der zur Zeit gültigen FMC Areas:

Milano North, Milano North-West, Milano North-East, Padova Central und Roma. Beachtet das die Roma FMC über Sardinien liegt (also nicht über Rom bzw. dessen Umgebung). Code und FRQ kann man aus den Karten entnehmen.









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