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Frank Dainese + ORBX liefern Monument Valley

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Nachdem sich Frank nun an ORBX angeschlossen hat kommt Bewegung in den X-Plane rein. Frank wird sich auf X-Plane Entwicklung konzentrieren. Matterhorn war das erste Projekt. Nun folgt Monument Valley.



On 6/28/2018 at 9:54 PM, Frank Dainese said:

Thanks to everyone and to orbx for this opportunity.
I tried to improve the already good scenery of the Monumnet Valley for FSX.
It was not easy ... X-Plane offers beautiful graphics and very realistic light effects, but developing scenery is much more complicated than FSX.
However, from a scenic point of view, I consider X-Plane superior to FSX and P3D, I can't express myself on airplanes / avionics, but it is certainly improving also in that sector.
X-Plane is gaining many admirers.
My choice of developing for x-Plane, even if more complicated, is only for an aesthetic reason.
One of the most difficult problems to solve in X-Plane are the meshes.
To be able to position the 3D models it is necessary to modify the meshes and this implies a remarkable work of patience. Unfortunately, the only mesh compilator that we have available is very unstable and doesn't allow a job of great precision, for every small change you have to recompile the whole degree, with all the consequences. I have to thank my friend, collaborator, Fabio Bellini who in this field has helped me in a decisive way.



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