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Autoland für GA…für Notfälle

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1 hour ago, Flying Bull said:

Mag aber sein, dass sie Vorgaben haben und deshalb zunächst den Flugplatz direkt anfliegen müssen.


Vielleicht hängt es auch mit der im Allgemeinen besseren Hindernisfreiheit der Anflugsgeographie bei Instrument Approaches zusammen…dass das die Behörden verlangt haben, wenn der Flieger im "auto mode" ist...


wäre interessant zu erfahren welche Zulassungskriterien bei diesen Systemen zur Anwendung kommen..? ( und ob es die überhaupt schon gibt in den FAR 23 Regeln…oder sind es neue "special conditions" die zur Anwendnung kommen?)


P.S.: Gibt es doch tatsächlich was Neues hier...


auf Seite 33...


Wär interessantwelche ELOS, "equivalent levels of safety" zur Anwendnung kommen..ein guter Autopilot, der sich selbst für diesen Fall gut programmiert ist sicher viel sicherer als ein Laie an den Controls…..




Emergency Use Only Autoland Systems

If the applicant proposes to add emergency use only functionality that provides for automatic

landing of the airplane, then the SASB

will be involved in the project.

Note: This functionality is not to be confused with "normal" autoland capability. This functionality

provides for autonomous control and landing of the airplane to a system

-determined suitable

airport. The need for equivalent level of safety (ELOS) findings and corresponding means of

compliance (MOC) must be determined on a case

-by-case basis

for each installation. The FAA

has developed draft policy.

The applicant should define the specific intended functions for § 23.1301 compliance, and

provide a definition of appropriate failure conditions and classifications for § 23.1309 compliance.


FAA has developed an issue paper template (S

-1) to address MOC for these two

regulations, up to and including amendment 23


Certain aspects of the emergency use autoland may not be able to be shown to comply with

existing pilot

-centric 14 CFR part 23 r

egulations. The applicant should identify the affected

regulations and the compensating features that provide for an equivalent level of safety intended

by the regulations and request an ELOS finding by the FAA for those aspects. The FAA has

developed an i

ssue paper template (S

-2) to address the potential regulatory requirements that





Revision 1.0 / March 22, 2019

may need an ELOS.

At amendment 23

-64 and after, applicants, applicants should incorporate FAA accepted means


compliance (MOC) into their certification planning in lieu of an ELOS finding.."



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On 11/1/2019 at 12:36 PM, Falconer said:

Na Servas…..Big Garmin Brother is watching you…….


Korrektur: Big Garmin Brother is manipulating (your journey)

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Vermutlich, damit anderer Verkehr auch auf dich reagieren kann. 

Wenn du nen Radio Failure hast machst du ja auch kein direct to runway, sondern fliegst eine vorgegebene Prozedur ab. 


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Flight Intl greift das Thema "pilotless future" anhand dieser Garmin Entwicklung auf...




OPINION: Garmin autoland system is next step toward pilotless future

  • 04 November, 2019
  • SOURCE: Flight International
  • BY: Flight International

Just as we did not wake up one morning to find department store lift attendants had disappeared, or light rail systems in our cities suddenly without drivers sitting in the cab, the advent of autonomous passenger aircraft is unlikely to be as much a revolution as a decades-long journey of many steps to public acceptance that only the oldest of us may recognise is happening…."




Ich bekomm da Muffensausen…wie geht es Euch damit?

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Daher scheint mit der TBM 940 nun auch auf den Emergency Autoland Zug aufzuspringen...



Daher's TBM 940 also features the G3000 integrated flightdeck and Garmin autothrottle system, and the French airframer says it will adopt the emergency autoland system for the single-engined turboprop.


"We need to engineer the solution as we have always done in the past, and this takes a little more time," says senior vice-president for Daher's airplane business unit. "However, our plan will be to offer it for retrofit on earlier TBM 940 production aircraft, once the full functionality requested by Daher has been implemented"…"



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