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1. User


1.1 Name / Account
Choose a username that suits you. Double or multiple registrations are not allowed. We attach great importance to a minimum of anonymity and welcome usernames that have something to do with the real name (no obligation...NOT accepted are pure
number combinations as nickname). In any case you are obliged to sign your contributions always with the correct first name. If you are already registered with us and would like to change your username, please send us a message.


1.2 User pictures
There is the possibility to upload a user picture, which will be displayed next to every post of yours. We recommend a portrait picture that shows you. In aviation the "you" is common and therefore we would be happy about a face to your profile. If you have problems uploading a picture, the administration will do it for you. Send a mail with the picture to vorstand@fligthforum.ch and always remember to include your username. You can also add a large profile picture on the profile page of each user, which of course must also comply with the forum rules (content, copyright).


1.3 Request for deletion of the account
Basically, the removal of an account is never necessary and not particularly desired by www.flightforum.ch and its users, since the origin of the contributions written by deleted users all change to "guest". If you want to turn away from the forum, you can do that as well. If you don't want to find your own name here by search engines anymore, you can also rename your account. But if someone still wants to delete his account, we will respect that. Write us a message and include the email address you used to register in the forum and of course your username. Also confirm that you accept that the existing posts (not deleted by yourself) can not be edited afterwards and that we will not edit or delete them because of orphanage (origin not traceable) - they will be there forever with the origin "guest - (former) username"! So you can see for yourself that especially if you want to remove e.g. the real name from the internet, renaming the account is much more reasonable than deleting it, which not only does not change the search engine indexing, but also does not let it change otherwise.


2. Contents


2.1 Tone
In the forum we generally address each other as usual in aviation, with "you". Insults, insults, personal attacks against users, mobbing and the like are not tolerated & will be deleted without notice and the author will be warned, in case of repetition blocked. Please remember that there is also a human being sitting in front of the other screen! Violent differences of opinion are not to be carried out in the forum, but by email or PN, without dragging further users in. Insults do not include other opinions on the matter than yours - these may always be expressed in the right tone of voice.


2.2 Subtle behavior
If the behaviour of a user in the forum is considered inappropriate, the moderation can delete threads and posts or warn/block users even if there is no explicit violation of a named rule, e.g. in the case of chronic provocations. It can be assumed that the moderator has neither time nor interest in unnecessary interference and will only intervene if necessary. The fact that the affected user shows no understanding for this and considers our intervention as inappropriate is logical and therefore naturally does not influence our actions. At this point it should be mentioned that the Flightforum is not a public place, but a
private-law "room" of IG Luftfahrt Schweiz, in which a user is a guest and has to behave accordingly. The elected executive committee of the IG Luftfahrt Schweiz decides on exclusions alone and not contestable.


2.3 Contributions
It is forbidden to publish contributions and links with obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, abhorrent, threatening, anti-Semitic, illegal, human rights violating or otherwise illegal content. Also pure link postings without
Short descriptions are removed without comment.
Each user is responsible for the content of his or her own contributions. Contributions do not reflect the opinion of the operators of Flightforum.ch! We also distance ourselves explicitly from the content of external linked pages/pictures and do not assume any liability or responsibility for them.
Political topics of a polemical character are not welcome in the forum. The moderation can delete threads and contributions with this orientation without further explanation.
We are certainly not a university forum, but we do welcome some attention to spelling. The use of punctuation marks is also allowed! If the moderation considers it necessary, it can make very serious spelling or punctuation mistakes in
correct the contributions for better readability.
When using the various codings (quotes, insert images/links, etc.) care must be taken to ensure that they are correct. Furthermore, it makes no sense to copy complete contributions in order to reply to them, especially in the case of picture contributions! Only if you explicitly comment on statements. Also here the moderation intervenes in the sense of a help, if faulty coding leads to wrong representations or the overview suffers from senseless quotations of complete contributions.
The moderation will never make changes to the content. In cases of illegal content, the contribution will be removed from the public area, but not changed!


2.4 Topic title
Please try to post in the right forums and use meaningful, but not too long titles, in some forums there are explicit rules for the topic titles. This increases the clarity of the forum and results in a better response to your topics.


2.5 Including images
The forum system allows the installation of images that are stored on external servers, so you need your own web hosting (instructions on how to do this can be found by using the search function). In order to keep the images and texts legible without scrolling, a maximum image width of 4100 pixels is allowed. Please make sure that the amount of data for the images is kept as small as possible for fast loading times. Furthermore, any explanation of the image should be created without line breaks to the image, but at the same time two line breaks to the next image not belonging to the explanation should be left.


2.6 Crossposting / Spam
The multiple publication of identical topics (cross posting) in different areas of the forum is prohibited and will result in deletion. Multiple postings of a user that appear in the same topic within a few minutes are also undesirable. A user's own post can also be edited, deleted and supplemented afterwards by clicking the "change" button below the post. Senseless postings and spam postings that do not contain any informative content are not allowed and will be deleted without comment and may have consequences.


2.7 Copyright
As a matter of principle, no original texts from other sites may be posted on our site. A source reference or a quotation is not sufficient to ensure legal security. Exceptions are texts that have been expressly released by the author for further use. Short text excerpts with indication of source. Author as well as link are permitted in so far as under the original text not every further distribution is excluded. This applies only to excerpts and not to entire texts. Only copyright-free or own pictures may be used. Otherwise this is a violation of the copyright, which can have legal consequences. If you are not sure about a picture or text, play it safe and do not post it.


2.8 Off Topic
Non-aviation related topics should be posted in the off-topic area. Private conversations between two people that do not concern other users should be conducted via PN.


3. Moderation


3.1 General 
The moderators professionally supervise their assigned categories, serve as contact persons and ensure that the rules are observed throughout the forum. In the event of rule violations, moderators may issue notices and warnings and temporarily block users. About the definitive
Blocking of a user is decided by the board of the Interessengemeinschaft Luftfahrt Schweiz, the operator of www.flightforum.ch. Posts and user pictures that do not comply with the rules may be modified or deleted by moderators. The moderation also decides collectively on borderline cases regarding these rules. Decisions are at the discretion of the moderation and in the highest authority of the ILS board. Complaints about moderators are to be sent to the board by message. Confidential or anonymous treatment is a matter of course.


3.2 Notes and warnings by the moderator
Our moderators ensure order in the forum and draw the attention of users with "hints" and "warnings" in case of fallible behavior. Comments have no administrative consequences yet, but the system automatically blocks the user for one month after the second warning. Decisions about warnings are always discussed first within the moderation, so that they are never made at the whim of a moderator. The yellow/red symbols in the posts and the profile of affected users, which are caused by notes and warnings, can only be seen by moderators and the user himself, but not by other users!


4. Commercial
4.1 Advertising
The posting of commercial advertising in the forum is generally not permitted, in particular it will not be tolerated that a new topic is created for such purposes. In borderline cases the moderation decides. An exception is the area "commercial offers/events", in which aviation-related advertising may be placed. For this purpose, however, a separate account is required, further information with a message to the ILS board.


4.2 Category Purchase / Sale 
Only offers which belong to the topics of this forum may be made, i.e.: all kinds of aviation accessories, flight simulation, aircraft photography, etc. Links to Ricardo and eBay may only be placed in the forum if the offer is also described directly in the forum. A post that consists only of "My auctions at Ricardo" is not allowed.
The section is also intended for our existing, active users. Sales offers from users who have obviously only registered for it can be deleted without comment.

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