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Dreamfoil B407 für XP11

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Der neue Dreamfoil Bell 407 für X-Plane 11 wird ab Freitag zur Verfügung stehen. Bestehende Kunden können diese für 15 USD Kaufen. Neukunden bezahlen 35 USD. Wird wohl im XP Store zuerst sein. Aerosoft wird wohl später beliefert.


Das Aussenmodell ist übrigens von MilViz Bell 407 - Die Texturen können verwendet werden. Falls jemand mal schweizer Heli texturen möchte ;)




DreamFoil went above and beyond with the cool cart and the blade ties you can see on the video above but they have pack-filled this update with great stuff. Check it out:

  • HeliSAS/Autopilot implemented
  • Deprecated “rigid cruise” and “arcade mode” functions
  • Added blade tie system so each blade can be tied to their positions by clicking and dragging their tips
  • New electrical cart for moving the helicopter on ground
  • Added interior normal maps
  • Improved gauges bar display visibility
  • Removed _lit textures for 5 objects on interior
  • New seat and interior textures that take advantage of PBR
  • Cabin lights are now on their real place and using spill lights
  • Framerate improve with obj optimized by removing ghost animations
  • New 3D propeller for tail rotor
  • Fixed rotor blur/shadow issue with clouds
  • Improved pedal stop light logics
  • Fixed small fliped quad on left side of headphone
  • New skin for DreamEngine config window to match XP11 ui
  • Added DreamEngine volumetric cabin
  • SmartLivery now uses X-Plane 11 thumb icons
  • Added mouse scroll to manipulators
  • Added ability to manually rotate the rotor from outside
  • Added GPU external manipulator
  • Added Garmin430 power button manipulator
  • Added engine inlet/outlet/pitot caps can be manipulated individualy from outside without need to go in menu for adding them
  • Moved external menu from nose tip to side of nose, this was necessary to add the pitot cap manipulator
  • Improved SmartMenu icons visibility and interaction radius
  • Improved battery compartment handling, it’s not necessary to go on menu to open/close it anymore
  • Improved doors external interaction, now it’s possible to choose between go inside or just open the door
Flight Model
  • Improved airfoil drag curve, now helicopter will cruise at a realistic speed
  • Fixed torque on ground with flight rpm, will display correct value now
  • Improved landing gear adaptation during plugin start to avoid helicopter “drop” at ground
  • Recalibrated NG to match the correct rpm on various power settings
  • Fixed MGT temperature during start and flight should give an more accurate reading
  • Improved fuel flow
  • Fixed wrong idle speed
  • Improved rotor slowdown during shutdown, will not keep spinning forever
  • Frahm Damper now affects the flight model
  • Clock now displays the Estimated Time from HSI
  • Added shutdown command for starter switch


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Danke für die Info, starke Sache. Die Helis werden immer besser. Ich glaube das gibt mein nächster Kauf. Ein neues Ecureuil währe auch cool :) Obwohl ich mit den Helis im XP10 ausreichend bedient bin. 


Gruss Stefan 

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White Coyote

Sieht top aus!
Weiss jemand von euch vielleicht wo ich das SP 2 für die AS350 her bekomme?


Gruss Rune

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Nun, im ORG store unter deinem Account nochmals downloaden, dann ist es dabei ;)


Der XP11 Patch ist im Forum drin.

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